Electric Heated Vaporizer


Electric Heated Vaporizer

Electric-heated Vaporizer


This series of vaporizers use a special high-efficiency electric heater to heat the water in the cylinder, and then heat the low-temperature liquid (LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG, LNH3, LC3H8) in the compact heat exchange tube, using advanced The water temperature control system, the gasification volume is extremely stable when working, the outlet temperature is normal temperature or can be set according to user requirements, its main features are as follows:

■ Special high-efficiency electric heater, the general replacement cycle is more than 18 months

■ Fully automatic and semi-automatic dual-circuit temperature control control box, safe and reliable, can work without interruption, and foolproof

■ Adopt high-quality low-temperature special stainless steel heat exchange tube, compact design, durable

■ Adopt LG hot water special circulating pump, water temperature is balanced without stratification

■ Work quieter, no noise and vibration

■ All manufactured according to oxygen standards and food grade standards

■ Complete supporting parts, each set of vaporizer includes: body, electric heater, control box, liquid level gauge, thermometer, water inlet valve, sewage valve, etc.


User optional configuration:


■ The barrel is available in carbon steel and stainless steel

■ High and low temperature sound and light alarm

■ Install emergency cut-off device

■ Overall equipment skid-mounted and design

■ Can be designed and manufactured as electronic grade

■ Siemens appliances can be used

■ Explosion-proof electric control box and explosion-proof electric heater can be used

■ Applicable medium: LO2, LN2, LAr, LNG, LCO2, LC2H4, LPG, LNH3, LC3H8, etc.

■ Working pressure: 0.8-35.0MPa

■ Single flow rate: 50-40000NM3/h


Remark: Combined type can be used for larger flow

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