Intermediate Pressure and Large Flow Cryogenic Pump

Intermediate Pressure and Large Flow Cryogenic Pump

This series of medium-pressure large-flow low-temperature liquid pumps are often used in gas supply systems of large and medium-sized steel plants and chemical plants, filling of dewars and storage tanks, and other medium and low pressure gas supply systems. The applicable medium is liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon.




The series of cryogenic liquid pumps produced have a modular design, wide flow coverage, simple pump head assembly design, easy maintenance, safe and reliable sealing structure, and various configurations to improve the safety and automation of the pump. It is the ideal choice for customers !


The main technical parameters     


  1) Flow rate: 300-30000L / h

  2) Maximum outlet pressure: 3.0 ~ 9.0Mpa

  3) Medium liquid: LO2,LN2,LAR




   1) Frequency converter

   2) Over-pressure interlock device

   3) Safety valve / Cryogenic globe valve

   4) Outlet temperature interlocking device

   5) Temperature interlocking device in the pump

   6) PLC control system

   7) Gas-liquid separator (for working conditions without air return pipe)

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