Integrated LNG Small Cryogenic Gas Supply Station

Integrated LNG Small Cryogenic Gas Supply Station

Integrated LNG small cryogenic gas supply station is skid mounted station which combines small-scale LNG storage and gasification in the same skid. Since the station is skid mounted, installation and commissioning are reduced to a few days only, civil works are largely simplified, with massive cost savings, and the complete station can be easily relocated to another place if required. It’s an ideal fueling solution for vehicle fleet bases, remote locations and small ports, as well as being an excellent temporary fueling solution, either until a permanent station is set up, or as a stop-gap until demand dictates a requirement for a larger and permanent station.




Gasification capacity: 30Nm3/H - 800Nm3/H

Tank volume: 1.06m3-30m3

Thermal-insulating mode: Super vacuum multi-layer thermal insulation, perlite powder vacuum insulation

Tank Working Pressure: 0.8MPa-1.75MPa




Compact, space saving, whole skid mounted, easy to install.

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