LO2,LN2,LAr Lorry Tanker

The cryogenic semi-trailer tanker is used to transport LO2, LIN, LAR, LNG and LCO2, which mainly consists of horizontal storage tank, semi-trailer chassis, operation cabinet, cryogenic liquid pump(optional), flow hose and connection pieces between the tank and chassis. It is a necessary gas carrier in cryogenic liquid transportation. All cryogenic Tankers are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations on the safety of wheeled vehicles, designed for the transportation of hazardous goods, and also meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure.

Optionally, according to the technical specification requirement of the customer, the cryogenic semi-trailer Tanker can be equipped with a centrifugal cryogenic pump with an electric drive, which will allow the tanker to discharge (drained) liquid nitrogen or oxygen at much faster speed and thus improve operation efficiency.

Application of cryogenic pumps will be convenient in operation of the tankers in cases when it’s necessary to refuel several customer facilities located at different addresses from one semi-trailer Tanker. For example, the production of cryogenic liquid is located in one city, and the customers are scattered in the nearby city or suburb. In this case, a semi trailer tanker of 28m3 or even bigger with a cryogenic centrifugal pump will be the optimal solution, since for one transportation you will be able to transport maximum quantity of the cryogenic liquid product, and with the help of the pump you will be able to speed up filling / emptying process.





Working pressure:0.3MPa~1.6MPa

Design Temperature: -196ºC



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