Micro Bulk Tank

Micro bulk tank is a modern concept where customer’s gas supplied as traditional method for smaller volume usage by dewars or cylinders is supplied by filling on-site instead. Micro bulk tank supply system features specially designed tank trucks with flexible storage tank options built with automatic shutoff devices and integrated controls. We have adopted special high vacuumed thermal insulation technology, which ensures excellent thermal insulation performance, enduring vacuum maintenance, lower operation-cost. Modularized pipeline design and advanced configuration highly improves the performance and endurance and decreases the maintenance cost.


This micro bulk tank works well with applications such as analytical laboratories, laser cutting, welding and fabrication, food packaging, chemical processing, PH control, heat treating and much more.




1. Liquid level indicator helps you to manage inventory and guard against runouts

2. Super high insulation ensures long liquid hold time

3. No foundation is required, immediate operation upon purchase

4. Both gas and liquid application can be applied.

5. High mobility and flexible operation, no special place is required

6. Reliable, convenient and uninterpreted

7. Cost-saving, hassles free and more on-site safety and better operational performance

8. Specification:

  Capacity: 1m3, 2m3,3m3,5 m3 or customized

   Working pressure:0.8Mpa, 1.6Mpa, 2.3Mpa, 2.6Mpa, 3.4Mpa or customized

   Medium liquid: LOX,LIN,LAR,LCO2,LNG

   Inner vessel: Stainless Steel SS304

   Outer jacket: Carbon Steel Q345R or Stainless Steel SS304

   Pressure building unit: 20-80Nm3/h

 Manufacturing standard: GB150 or ASME

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