Nitrous Oxide Plant


Nitrous oxide plant

Capacity: 80kgs/h,160kgs/h

Purity: 99.9% industrial grade or 99.9995% electric grade

Raw material: Solid/liquid ammonia nitrate

Process description:Pour the ammonium nitrate into the melting vessel, add a small amount of water and a catalyst, and use electric heating to melt the ammonium nitrate into a liquid state. The material is injected into the reactor by the injection pump, and the ammonium nitrate decomposes in the reactor, and the temperature, pressure and liquid level in the reactor are guaranteed to be stable through the control system. The decomposition products enter the condenser for cooling, and the condensable water is discharged. The cooled non-condensable gas N2O, etc. is washed by a multi-stage purification tower to remove impurity gases and then enters the buffer gas cabinet. After being pressurized by the compressor, impurities such as moisture are deeply removed through a multi-stage dry adsorber, condensed and liquefied in a high-pressure condenser, and then stored in a low-temperature storage tank.

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