Modularized LNG Satellite Station

Modularized LNG Satellite Station

Modularized LNG Satellite Station is aimed at providing natural gas to small and medium

 sized operations and locations not connected to the pipeline grid. It consists of LNG

 storage tank unit, gasification pressure regulating/measuring device unit,  

process piping system and electric control system. Such reliable and compact station is easy to install and simple to operate, combining the highest levels of performance with the lowest investment cost.




1. High mobility, easy to move to another place when required.

2. Complete turnkey “plug and play” solution, designed and fabricated in workshop

3. Maximum convenience- minimum site civil work, simple installation, commissioning and start-up, unmanned and fully automated operation.

4. Compliant with safety and environmental legislation.




Gasification capacity: 100Nm3/H -1500Nm3/H

Tank volume: 0.23M3-31.58M3

Thermal-insulating mode: Super vacuum multi-layer thermal insulation or perlite powder vacuum insulation

Tank Working Pressure: 0.8MPa-1.75MPa

Features: Each module can be freely combined according to the amount of storage and the actual gas consumption and interchangeable.

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