Calcium Carbide

Calcium Carbide

The molecular formula of Calcium Carbide is CaC2. Its appearance is gray, clay bank, black or brown block solid. It is basic material of organic synthesis and chemical industry. Many organic compounds can be synthesized by using the material of calcium carbide and they are widely used in industry, agriculture, medical etc.


Technical Specification:

Calcium Carbide (CaC2)

Specification: Nr CAS 75-20-7, UN: 1402, class 4.3, HS code 28491000

Granularity: 15-25mm/25-50mm/50-80mm/70-100mm/80-120mm

Gas yield: ≥ 295 L/1KG calcium carbide

PH3: ≤0.06%

H2S: ≤0.03%

Body of non-dissoluble: max 1.0%

Within the limit of the size %: ≥ 86%

200mm siftage %: ≤ 2%

Ash %: ≤1%

Nitrogen: nitrogen atmosphere inside drums


Packing: 50kgs or100kgs per new steel drum with fully open head

Loading capacity:1*20'FCL: 22.5 MT

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